About SafiManzi

Water is Life and SafiManzi’s commitment is to provide its customers with trusted water solutions ranging from clean, safe drinking water to ensuring you have sufficient backup supply when unwanted and disruptive water cuts occur.

As a specialist water filtration company our solutions are designed to address the ongoing challenges faced in Africa concerning water contamination, demand and usage.

The company name and identity is derived from the Swahili word SAFI for “pure” and MANZI embracing many South African local languages meaning “water”.

SafiManzi’s state-of-the-art technologies; both bespoke and off-the-shelf deliver clean and safe water for all applications and environments. Trusted and tested, our internationally accepted solutions service all sectors including residential, out-of-home, travel, hospitality, medical, business, commercial and others. Flexible, and functional in design, they can be adapted to any application.

We are affected daily by the deterioration of drinking water quality due to ageing national and municipal water systems along with the discharge of sewage, toxic medical and industrial effluent directly into our surface water systems (dams, streams and rivers).

Consumers and businesses alike need cost-effective and innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges of our water landscape.


Whether you are looking for a desktop jug with as little capacity as 900ml, a tap mounted filter for your kitchen, an industrial water storage and filtration system or anything in between SafiManzi has both the commitment and solution to assist you.

Rest assured, that regardless of the size or application of the product you need – At the heart of every SafiManzi solution is a patented four stage filtration system which removes 99.99% of bacteria and all harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Water Back-Up and Filtration System

Water security, planned outages, water cuts, off-the-grid, continuous supply… now that we have got your attention.

SafiManzi offer a number of domestic, community and industrial scale water storage and filtration systems. Our smallest systems start at a capacity of just 200 litres whilst our biggest, can filter up to 7200 litres/hour, consistently delivering clean, safe drinking water.

In a world where water may no longer be free flowing, we offer solutions that are sustainable both financially, environmentally and across all aspects of modern-day life.

Water Coolers

WaterPoint, SafiManzi’s exciting water cooler and dispenser solution is plumbed-in – meaning you will never have to order or store bulky, costly, water bottles again.

Our patented, compact, Cleansui four stage filter is fitted alongside the cooling dispensing unit ensuring ‘real time’ supply of clean, safe and cold water… and it tastes great!

It’s the perfect solution for offices, schools, gyms, sports clubs, places of worship, hospitals, recreational centres and co-working spaces.

Make the change to WaterPoint water coolers and experience economic, health, security and environmental benefits from the first drop.

Contact us to find out more about flexible and affordable rental options.

What’s Inside

By combining activated Carbon and Ion Exchange with an added Hollow Fiber Membrane filtering system, our filters remove chlorine, contaminants, and bacteria whilst retaining essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Our filters will leave your water not only safer and cleaner but tastier as well.